Sally Morgan Wins Her Fight For Justice

Sally Morgan is overjoyed to have won her libel action against the Daily Mail and to have restored her reputation and professional integrity. After an 18 month investigation into the work that Sally does, the newspaper was forced to make a full apology to Sally and pay her £125,000 in damages; one of the most substantial libel payments in recent history. Sally’s legal team, led by Graham Atkins of Atkins Thomson, and David Sherborne of counsel, describe the victory as an extremely significant result.

The case was concluded at a hearing in the High Court in London on June 20 during which the newspaper withdrew its allegation that Sally cheated her audience at a show in September 2011. Representatives for Associated Newspapers Limited admitted the accusation was untrue and apologised unreservedly to Sally for publishing it. The newspaper also agreed to pay Sally’s legal costs.

Sally is now looking forward to getting on with her life and doing what she does best – displaying her amazing talents to sell-out audiences.

She said: “Almost two years ago an accusation was made against me that questioned my professional integrity and suggested that I had cheated my fans, who I hold very dear. That accusation was totally unfounded and the subsequent fall out has affected me, my family, my career, my health and the good reputation I have built up over many years. It was an unjustified and unfair attack and it has been a very difficult, costly and painful process to get where I am today and to rectify that wrong.

“I bought this libel action against The Daily Mail not to be a spokesperson for mediums and mediumship, nor for financial gain, but for the simple reason of principle. I have done nothing wrong and deserve to have that acknowledged. I have never cheated.

“There will always be sceptics who attack my work and I understand and accept that. However, to libel me and falsely accuse me of a con trick does not constitute rational commentary or debate. I hope now this settlement and apology will repair the damage that has been done.”

While Sally admits that the battle to clear her name has been emotionally draining, she has been overwhelmed by the love and support she has received from her family, friends and fans.

“I would like to thank my family and friends and most of all my fans from the bottom of my heart,” she said. “They have shown me much love and support through these difficult months and the victory is as much for them as it is for me.”

View PDF of statement read out in court today.

June 20, 2013

85 Comments to Sally Morgan Wins Her Fight For Justice

  • Alison smith says:

    Good news too !!! Not that you should have anything to prove , but at least the fact that they wronged you has been announced.
    Those that support you ,including myself ,are fully aware of your ability.All the best Sally xxx Alison.

  • Congratulations Sally, I am delighted that you have been vindicated.

  • glad you got justice me i think you are doing a great job and are the best i have ever seen carry on the good work xx

  • karen scholey says:

    Sally Morgan is not a fake but a very gifted lady who brings so much peace to peoples hearts who have lost a loved one, i believe strongley in the after life as i to see and hear things, i hope sally morgan continues to help others along her path.

  • Jane Cranmer says:

    Well done Sally. It must have been hard to stand against such a huge organisation, but you absolutely had to do it because your good name and reputation were at stake. So happy you won and very proud of you for having the courage to take them on! xxx

  • Linda says:

    Congratulations Sally we all believed in you carry on with your amazing work blessings x

  • Dawn says:

    Sally, that is fabulous news. Lets hope you can continue to bring joy and hope to those you come into contact with. Have seen you live and loved the show. Lets just hope the sceptics leave you alone!

  • June Irving says:

    Dear Sally,

    I am very pleased to hear that you have won your case. I am looking forward to seeing you in May 2014 in Guildford.

    You bring a lot of love and support to people, no matter small the message is.


    June Irving

  • Miranda says:

    Dear Sally

    I spent a period of time in litigation and it is emotionally, physically and spiritually draining. I know the relief you are now feeling that this is finally over. You look amazing, your are amazing and you set a standard of mediumship all mediums can only hope to emulate. God bless the spirit that you are and the work that you do. XOXO

  • Simon says:

    Very happy to hear this. There should be some very embarrassed sceptics out there today. I wonder if they will publicly apologise to Sally after all of the public criticism?

  • Carol Owen says:

    I am thrilled to hear this Sally. I have been to see you a few times and it does not take rocket science to see that there is no way on earth you can cheat..I ignored the whole accusation at the time because I know better but I’m so pleased that you finally have your integrity intact and can now put this behind you..God bless..Carol

  • louise hunter says:

    Well done Sally. You can now move on!xxx

  • rosetta nott says:


  • I’m really pleased for You Sally too many Naysayers around. But get proved wrong over and over again. Blessings.xx

  • dont care what anyone says about u i think what u do makes so many people happy knowing u give so many happyness to everyone i love u have helped me so much just reading ur books.keep up ur good work says:

    ur the best ever makes so many sad people happy u have help me just though reading ur books love u n keep doing what u do llove n hugs sue lawrence weston super mare xxxx

  • RITA STONE says:

    Sally so glad you I think you do wonderful job I love coming to see you I’ve never had a message from my love ones but I might do one day. anyway love to you & your family SO GLAD YOU WON XX

  • sherrie wolf says:

    well done, sally, so pleased that you won,all the best sherrie

  • shirley cooper says:

    Well done sally, newspapers, press make me sick they need to realise everybody has feelings the hurt they can cause is disgusting good luck for the future xxxx

  • Anne Burnell says:

    Glad to hear it is all over and now you can move on and continue the good work you do in helping people with their loss of a loved one. I have seen you at the shows and each time it blows my mind what comes through to people my time will come one day I hope.

    Keep up the great work xxx

  • Jessica Moses says:

    And quite right too!! The fact you even had to justify yourself is unbelievable, there’s a difference between being sceptical and calling someone a cheat. Well deserved win Sally, you and your fans know the truth and everyone else is irrelevant! You’re an incredible woman!xxx

  • Jay says:

    Good news Sally what are you going to do with the money I hope you put some to good use xxxxx

  • alissia says:

    Good news too !!! Not that you should have anything to prove ,to me and all who support u are a angel a very gifted lady who brings so much peace to peoples hearts who have lost a loved one, i believe strongley in the after life and i believe strongly in you
    all my love xx

  • Well done Sally I saw you last year and you told me my dad was there for me something I had always questioned but you told me about an event that had happened to me 3 weeks previously which no-one in the world knew about apart from me in which I moaned to my dad `Your never there for me` you told me he wanted me to know he was there for me.
    I did NOT put in a letter or write on social media that I was going to see you.
    I am a believer keep doing what you do you make a lot of people happy.

  • Melanie Kerr says:

    Dear Sally I’m not one for sending messages but I must say congratulations for winning your case with the news paper ! For once justice is done . I have been to three of your amazing shows and was blessed with two amazing readings information that no one could have known ,it gave me so much hope and I truly believe we will be together again one day . Your gift is from god and spirit and I thank you for all your hard work.! Love and light Sally xxxx

  • Hazel says:

    Never doubted you Sally xxx
    So pleased you can now put this behind you and carry on with your life and comfort others.
    Love ya xxx

  • valerie Bibby says:

    Well done Sally, now u can carry on with wot u do, I have and always will believe in your amazing gift u give lots of people comfort and hope,xxx

  • Michelle Campbell says:

    Hi Sally

    Congratulations on winning your case. Shame the “mail” doesn’t have your talents, cos if they had they’d have seen you were always going to win.
    Blessed be xxxx

  • Jackie Stitt says:

    Great news Sally,but should never of happened. You are the real deal. The message I got through you, from my husband was true and you would of had no way of knowing. Keep up the great pet and come back to Belfast soon, we love you and John xxxxx

  • Gillian Langton says:

    Congratulations Sally. The one reason I do not buy a daily paper is because of all the unfounded rubbish in them. What you have is a wonderful gift which gives so many people comfort. I for one, love listening to your readings, truly magnificent!!!!

  • Beverly Mackney says:

    Nothing to prove to me Sal, you brought my gorgeous mummy to me in Peterborough in May and Dec 2012. You keep up with your amazing gift. Love you loads, see you December xx

  • Sue o'connor says:

    Great news Sally. XX

  • SIOBHAN says:

    Well done Sally xxx

  • Lynn Vickers says:

    Super news Sally justice has been done x

  • Christine GORAM says:


    It is very hard to defend yourself against sharks when all you have is your sincerity. Just be comforted by the millions of people that you have helped,given hope and comfort to through your readings. God bless

    Christine xx

  • Anne inch says:

    Congrats Sally, these papers should be monitored and held to account for these kind of attacks . I have been to your shows in Glasgow, read your book and watch you on TV over and over again. I just love you and your approach. My best friend died a year ago today without seeing you, she always wanted to but her daughter lives in Australia and she is very excited as she has tickets to your show. Good luck. We are always behind you. Love xxx

  • Tony Harnet says:

    Super news!
    Congratulations on this ruling!
    A great day for those with such abilities as yourself
    May you continue on your path with much success

  • Tom Peters says:

    Good for you Sally! Great news!

  • Fantastic news Sally, although this should never of happened.I have been to 3 of your shows and have booked for next year too.Brilliant every time but you had nothing to prove to us, your fans.
    Love Helen Xxx

  • Well done Sally! Your not a fake! And I’m happy for you!
    Hope the pups coming along good. Love Andrew xxx

  • Sarah says:

    Glad to hear of the court win – pity Daily Mail fail to acknowledge it on their Web Site !!! rotters !

  • Gemma Louise says:

    I never agreed with what was put I have read sally’s book about her childhood. so happy with the out come you deserved xoxxoxxxoxooxoxoxooxxxoxoxooxoxox

  • Elli says:

    Fantastic news Sally.. I came to one of your shows 2 years ago and the information you gave me wasn’t known by anyone so I have always believed in you… I hope now this is sorted those idiots who have been posting abuse to you since that article disappear and let you get on with your wonderful work

  • Kevin Tinklin says:

    Am an avid watcher of your programme, and am thrilled that your honesty and integrity has been upheld. I had booked to see you at De Montfort Hall in Leicester, but was ill, so couldn’t get there. Hope to see you on your re-visit to Leicester in November 2013. I never doubted you for a moment. Well done Sally for taking on the Paparazzi and winning! God bless
    Kevin :-) x

  • Pauline king says:

    Dear Sally,
    I am so happy for you that justice has been done. The comfort you bring us with the messages you receive from our lived ones should never be undermined! I have not been lucky enough to receive a message, but live in hope that on one of my visits to see you I will. However, I never leave a show disappointed at not getting a message because the comfort you have brought to other members of the audience is so obvious.

    Keep up the good work, we would miss you desperately if you discontinued doing what you do. Take care, enjoy your holiday and hopefully put it all behind you xxx

  • angie king says:

    dear sally i am new to you but have always been a believer in the afterlife. i always watched john edward on tv and have loved him, i have been to mediams on many occasions and as in everything some are good some are bad and some are just plain cons as sad as that is i have always made up my own mind about people, so when i started watching you on tv a few weeks ago i was amazed by you, but of course then i read the article on the internet when i was trying to find out about your shows, so i watched you again and was very happy that as far as i was concerned you were the real thing, so with the paper having to admit THEY were the cheats NOT YOU, is no surprise to me but well done anyway for your dignity, honesty, and care for us your fans as i now am. i look foward to coming to your show one day , untill then i can watch the amazing psychic sally on tv, with love to you, your new fan angie xx

  • Marjorie Clarke says:

    Sally I am so pleased you have one your case against the mail, anyone who has been to your shows will know that you are truly genuine and not capable of being deceitful. I wish you good health for you and your family and continued succes in bringing comfort to those who need it. Best wishes now and always Marjorie xx

  • alison says:

    well donesally

  • Jean says:

    Well done Sally so very pleased to hear this i havent managed to get to a show yet but i will take care and best wishes xx

  • Michelle Henshall says:

    Fabulous news! Go Sally! Go Sally! xxx

  • margaret says:

    Congratulations Sally. Why do people slate those with a gift that hasn’t got a scientific explanation. Carry on your fantastic work. You give comfort to so many. Surely your results speak for themselves. Best Wishes Margaretxxx

  • Maz Finden says:

    Well done Sally I am so pleased this is over and done with now, you can move on..and carry on with your wonderful work xx

  • kay stephens says:

    Congratulations. I am so glad that they have seen sense and said sorry. You do a fantastic work. Best Wishes x

  • joyce says:

    Please to hear Sally .Everyone should keep their own opinions to their selves .

    Wishing you a good and safe trip to Australia looking forward to seeing you when you return
    Best wishes to you and your family take care .

  • Lee Hill says:

    CONGRATULATIONS SALLY!!!!!!!! Carry on with the good work you do and bring us all joy from our loved one’s on the other side…..luv to you, john and family and make sure you raise a glass tonight xxx

  • Julie says:

    CONGRATUALTIONS Sally!! When you’ve got it you’ve got it darling and if people can’t believe that then they shouldn’t spoil it for those that do believe. You are a loving and giving human being on stage and off stage from seeing your shows on TV. You were sent to us to help us when we need it most. You’re fans love you Sally and You have a loving and supportive family and you don’t need the approval of small minded gits from the media! Keep up the good work Sally WE LOVE YOU!!!

  • peter Hinchliffe says:

    Was it that the Mail picked up on rumours that people in the theatre were passing on information to her, but reported it as fact? obviously the mail would not be able to prove such a thing had happened so they were culpable of reporting unsubstantiated rumour. They obviously should not have done this- I suppose calling Sally or any other psychic a scam artist or fraud could be a matter of opinion and therefore allowed, but the actual accusation of using earpieces would need to be substantiated.
    Was this what happened Sally?

  • Danielle says:

    Hey Sally congratulations on your victory. You don’t have to prove anything to me and your fans because we know your a genuine lady, kind and honest and funny. Please don’t loose anymore sleep over this my dear. So looking forward to seeing you in Australia on 9th July xoxo Danielle

  • Katherine says:

    This is great news! I’ve seen you on TV and I think you’re amazing. I’m so glad you stood up to the Daily Mail. Hope you keep on, stronger than ever before. Love and light, Katherine

  • Mark says:

    Congratulations, Sally! I wish that academic thug named French had to pay this one out of his pocket, but he probably won’t have to…

  • isabella taylor says:

    Congratulations Sally.your the best from a fan in Australia xxx

  • Penny Clements says:

    Congratulations Sally! So glad you have been vindicated. You truely are the real deal! Bless you! Can’t wait to see you at the Cliffs in September! Xxx

  • tracy c says:

    sally so pleased you won you got a gift from above well done . you are truly a angel godbless xxx carry on with your amazing gift xx

  • jan coulson says:

    we are so happy every thing has been sorted and you have been vindicated we are looking forward to seeing you in July down hear in Australia well done sally.

  • Sarah says:

    Well done Sally. The critics, sceptics and ill tempered nasties, will always be around but so will the good, honest and wonderful people on both this Earth and in the Spirit world. Keep walking your path and be guided by the light ignoring the dark along the way. X

  • siobhan f says:

    dear sally so happy you have fought ur way true this and have come out smiling wit my heart felt wishes i do hope u can move on from the stupidty and ignorance of peole who dont know wat u have been true in ur life to help others xxxx you have always put others first i have followed u for a long time and i do sonhope to get to see u in dublin ireland next time ur over. love u lots like jelly tots love and light xxxxxx

  • Liam says:

    Well done Sally.

    I’m very skeptical of skeptics, they are some of the most draining and nasty people I have ever encountered, I am delighted for you.

  • denise pleadian says:

    good for you not letting them get away with it very brave love and light to you xx

  • Chris says:

    My family has firsthand experience of telepathy and spirit realm communication.
    Instead of trashing people the Daily Mail should be
    investigating this phenomenon!

  • Sue Colley says:

    Hi Congratulations on winning you case against the paper,I have always believed in psychic,s…and have been to you shows ..although was never lucky enough to get a message….
    It is said that you have received a substantial amount of money from the paper…and as your venue,s are a sellout and you have just returned .( I think ) from Australia would it not be a good idea to donate,the money to a Charity of your choice….as stated you received your solicitors fees. Back … Just a thought ….but we’ll done anyway !…

  • Tracey says:

    Congratulations Sally for clearing your name. I beleive in you and think you are fantastic. I have seen you two times already and coming to see you in November. Really looking forward to it. :-)

  • cathy wearn says:

    really happy for you sally you and john are such a lovely couple i watch all your programs on tv and looking forward to seeing you in november in portsmouth, bless you sally you keep a lot of people sane with your gift xxx

  • Renate Reimann says:

    Congratulations!…Keep up the good work. It´s the only way to handle it…

    Peace and lots of love


  • Jim Watson says:

    Well done sally am going though something very similar here ?
    have booked twp tickets at the Cambridge venue in November.
    Looking forward to seeing you and hopefully meeting you
    kind regards Jim x

  • Angela (Nottingham) says:

    Hi Sally so glad to here your news it’s really terrible that these people said this about your work but I had the same reaction from friends when I said I was going to see you it’s ridiculous, good on ya sal xxxxx

  • Andrena Crawford says:

    So happy you won, I’ve only ever seen you on tv but not for a while so when I was watching the morning show here in Sydney I recognized your voice because I didn’t recognize you, you look fabulous, so I went on line and bought 2 tickets for your show in shoalhaven, so looking forward to seeing you live, all the best
    Have a great time in Australia x

  • Phil Thompson says:

    Thank you for having the courage to take on the these almighty news/media establishments and winning your case, I am a very long time fan of yours, and I can say that the troubles that I have been through, and still going through yet have taken comfort in the work that you give to us all. May I take this opportunity to say thank you so very much.

    My regards

    Phil Thompson

  • Annabel Keen says:

    Congratulations Sally! How dare the Daily Mail accuse you of something that was so untrue. To hear that it happened to you was horrid. I’ve been to one of your shows and watch your programme. I am really pleased you have won the case – you can do your awesome work with peace. I know I am one of many, but I want you to know I’m 100% behind you. Your work is truly amazing. Best wishes to you, John and your family. Xx

  • Wendy Evans says:

    After losing my dad nearly seven years ago, my husband, brother and myself went along to one of Sally`s evenings. My brother placed a note in a glass bowl and Sally took it out. She asked if the letter V meant anything to us, and my brother told her that dad`s name was Ernest, but people called him Vernie. Next,she asked if bridges meant anything, to which my brother replid. I`m a train driver, and dad used to say watch those bridges. She said, `well, he`s saying that now,be careful of the bridges boy`. Dad used to say BOYO. Then she went on to say, `Are your ears burning`, and David said `No`. She said, `Well they should be, he`s standing behind you flicking your ears and laughing. Dad was a practical joker, and always stood behind my brother to flick his ears, then laughed.
    Years before dad died he said that he would knock three times on the door to let me know that he got to heaven. I told him not to knock on my bedroom door or I would be visiting the bathroom, then we both laughed. Dad had only been dead a few days, and I heard three knocks. It was as if someone had taken their keys and knocked on glass, in a way, and rhythm in which dad would have done. I asked my husband to check. There was nobody there. We have had quite a few experiences, and they comfort me, and they have reassured me that life carries on after death. before my taid died he told my mother not to cry for him and that they would meet again. We just need a little faith.

  • Wendy Evans says:

    I would love to have a one to one with Sally in the hope of contacting my dear dad. His cousin died before him, and they were just like brother and sister. the story is a sad one, and I often wondered if she was in fact his half sister. After she lost her only daughter, she left her house down in Watford to my brother and I. It has crossed my mind that maybe she knew more than my dad did. That being the case, her father was a cousin of Lloyd George, prime-minister of Britain, which would then make my brother and I related to a very famous man. Would you know Sally?

    • Hayley Appleby says:

      Hi Wendy,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us all; it is extremely inspiring.

      Unfortunately due to her extensive tour, Sally no longer gives one-to-one readings. We appreciate that although her live shows give an incredible insight into the work of a medium, many people prefer to speak to someone face to face. Sally does have a team of caring readers that are available at a time to suit you. Between them they have years of experience; they are understanding and have given advice and guidance to many. You can find more information about her psychic readers on her website.

      Alternatively you could contact your local spiritualist church who should be able to suggest a local and trusted psychic for you. You can usually find their contact details using an online search engine or by calling directory enquiries.

      Best wishes,

      SMHQ x

  • Steven lee says:

    Such great news sally how dare they make judgement on your career and talent. They wouldn’t like it if you made judgement on them as newspapers and reporters. I just saw live Wednesday 27th November 2013 and I think you are great will deffo come and see you again. Until next time much love xx

  • Dear Sally
    I was sent an txt message Yesterday the 2/1/2014 and when I went to open it–it got deleted I dont know how I managed it–I posted a message on this site in November about seeing you on the 8th of November 2013-and you asked if anyone knew a Sharo or Lorraine–Sharon was my Dahghter and Lorraine was a friend of her’s!–I did not stand up although I wanted to I was so shock’d I could not stand!–I feel Sharon is still trying to talk to me–Plse help me I am broken hearted and there is such an empty space around me we had the same birth sign-Plse help me!–I feel I just want to know why she left me and never said Good bye–I miss her so much–a broken mother–

  • stewart bloomfield says:

    hi sally well done you have a gift and i believe in you btw such a looker too.

  • Catriona says:

    Hi Sally

    Sorry for late reply but well done to you!

    This is a big case, if I were accused of being a liar in my private life I would be horrified. To have to face this in public must have been horrendous.

    You are strong though, I can tell and thank goodness for it!

    Best wishes to you xxx



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